Introducing Postcards & New Colorways!

After celebrating our 25th Anniversary of hand block printing, we’re returning to the studio and what we love best: evolving our singular craft and diving deep into color. Under one roof, we design our own patterns, make our own blocks, create our own paints, and hand print fabric with a one-of-a-kind painterly approach.

Postcards is printed in 4 colorways – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each explores the geometry of landscape, the shift from land to sky, and the hues we can see between them. Postcards celebrates the nature of hand block printing: the gentle uneven hand of the artisan and the overlapping colors that make new shades, inspiring new moods for interiors of all seasons.

We’ve also added 18 new colorways to our favorite Handblock patterns. Color – like time – changes everything, and we’re seeing familiar things in a fresh light, through a different lens, and with an evolving palette.

Because we hand block print to order, creating custom Handblock fabrics is easy. In addition to our standard line, you can choose from 26 patterns, 5 grounds, and over 250 colors to create a fabric that will work perfectly for your project.

Galbraith & Paul fabrics are available to the trade through Designer Showrooms.