Introducing Bouquet & New Colorways!

We’ve been hand block printing fabrics in our Philadelphia Studio since 1998.   Under one roof, we design our own original patterns, make our own printing blocks, mix our own palette of colors, and hand block print every fabric to order.  A labor of love, hand block printing is the slowest and most simple of printing methods … but it’s capable of producing fabrics of great subtlety and elegance.  Our hand block printing process honors traditional techniques while also incorporating our love of painting and color.     

We are dedicated to the hand of the artisan and the spirit of modern design.  Bringing the two together is what gives our fabrics a spirit all their own.

Because we hand block print to order, creating custom Handblock fabrics is easy. In addition to our standard line, you can choose from 25 patterns, 5 grounds, and over 250 colors to create a fabric that will work perfectly for your project.

Galbraith & Paul fabrics are available to the trade through Designer Showrooms.